Piano Lessons FAQ

Want to know more about studying piano with me? Check out the frequently asked questions below.
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  1. What is your teaching philosophy?
  2. I believe in individualized lessons for each of my students. Whether you take lessons with me online, in your home or at my studio in Cincinnati, I work tirelessly on developing a plan that is right for you.

  3. What kind of music will I learn?
  4. We will study any kind of music you’d like. If you’re completely new to piano or music, I will give you exercises and music that will help develop your reading, technical and listening skills, but I will always make sure we’re working towards your musical goals.

  5. What’s the difference between in-home, in-studio, and online lessons?
  6. There is no difference in what you’ll learn in our lessons, no matter the type you take. Online lessons will feel different, because there is usually a bit of latency (delay), and I’m not physically in the room with you. I’ve been teaching online for several years and I’m able to work around those natural limitations of online lessons to provide high-quality lessons on par with live, in-person lessons. If we have lessons in your home, it’s important that you try to provide a quiet out of the way area for us to have our lessons. That way we focus best on our lesson.

  7. How much do lessons cost?
  8. The price for lessons depends upon two factors: the length and location of your lessons. The breakdown is as follows:

    Lessons in my Cincinnati Studio

    • 30 minutes: $30
    • 45 minutes: $40
    • 60 minutes: $55

    Lessons in your Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky Home

    • 30 minutes: $35
    • 45 minutes: $45
    • 60 minutes: $60

    Online Lessons

    • 30 minutes: $25
    • 45 minutes: $40
    • 60 minutes: $55